Not all nails are the same, not all lifestyles are the same, and not all personal tastes are the same...  so at Up To Scratch we are delighted to offer a full range of nail services, meaning we can assess your nail type and find the right product for you and your lifestyle.  Listed below are some of the product lines we are most proud of.  Click on the images to be linked to new pages.





CND Vinylux - The 'Weekly Polish' that you can buy and take home!







CND Shellac Brand 14+ Day Colour








CND Brisa Lite Removable Smoothing Gel - The 'Power Partner' to CND Shellac






CND Brisa Lite Removable Sculpting Gel - The semi-permanent, durable, retentive

service option, for clients with hard, brittle nails requiring resilient protection.







CND Brisa Gel - The permanent, durable, retentive service option for clients with

hard, brittle nails requiring resilient protection.







CND Retention+ Liquid and Powder - The semi-permanent, durable service option

for clients with soft and pliable nails.







Minx Nail Armour - Bringing Fashion to your Toes!








The NEW CND Spa Range - Choose from uplifting, revitalising Bright Citron or grounding, hydrating Gardenia Woods for a complete range of spa products (soak, scrub, masque and lotion) that you can also purchase and use at home for prolonged professional results!








CND Almond Spa Manicure - A soft journey of warmth and tranquility, designed to

wrap you in a blanket of serenity.








CND Marine Spa Pedicure - A service designed to refresh and revitalise - like a brisk,

barefoot walk in the surf.  Feet reborn.  Spirits satisfied.

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