Nail enhancements should do just that: enhance your natural nails,  The aim is to produce a natural-looking set of nails - not to make them look fake or unnatural - whilst all the time preserving the nail underneath.


A CND Grand Master nail technician with 11 years' experience of applying nail enhancements, and using top-quality products, Gemma is able to create nail extensions and natural nail overlays that are complimentary to your skin tone, correct for your nail type, strong, and natural-looking.  Nail enhancements can be produced to your requirements: to suit your mood, an occasion, or even to match a special outfit.



Enhancements are also ideal for nailbiters and people with weak or damaged nails, as they offer protection while the natural nail grows safely underneath.  Damaged or missing toenails can also be transformed with a silk or fibreglass repair, or a tip or sculpted handmade replacement.















Gemma Pinfield-Thomas of Up To Scratch is very experienced in many types of acrylic nail systems: Backscratchers Fibreglass, Silk, and Tip-and-Dip; Calgel (soft, soak-off gel); and the most technologically-advanced products in the industry from CND: CND Liquid & Powder, CND Brisa Gel (hard, buff-off gel), and the revolutionary new CND Brisa Lite Removable Gel systems.





















This gives her the ability to offer you the most suitable nail enhancements (whether they be extensions, wraps or overlays) for your nail type and lifestyle.













Please note: All files and implements are fully sanitised and disinfected in between clients.  Gemma does not use any products that contain Methyl Methacrylate (MMA).  Your natural nail condition is considered to be of the utmost importance, so you can be assured that you are in safe and hygienic hands.



IMPORTANT!  Should you wish to have your enhancements removed, please make an appointment with Gemma, who will ensure that they are removed safely.  Picking or biting them off will damage and weaken your natural nails and, as nails take on average 3-6 months to grow from cuticle to free edge, that is up to 6 months of walking around with unsightly damaged nails.  So an Enhancement Removal Manicure is worth every penny!